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Who We Help

Learn more about who we help at Compassion Recovery Centers and find out why our program is your best choice for treatment in Southern California and beyond!

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Treating the Individual, Not the Illness.

Every single year, millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse and mental-health related issues. 


Compassion Recovery Centers is on a mission to help those suffering on their journey to healing and self-discovery in recovery. Learn more about who we help, and how our programs are designed to meet each client’s specific, unique needs when seeking treatment.

Who We Help at Compassion Recovery Centers

Explore the different treatment programs we offer that help personalize each clients experience. We offer an innovative experience for each client who enters our innovative Orange County treatment center. Discover how Compassion Recovery can help you on your journey to long-term, sustainable recovery.

A free, thorough assessment is provided for each prospective client. Request a callback today.

Our Program Defined.

We strive to offer the best treatment experience and believe that through our proven program, that we can help you not only overcome mental illness, but achieve a fulfilling life full of gratitude and compassion beyond what seems possible at the beginning of your path to recovery.

Get Help 24/7

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Get Help Through Our Addiction & Mental Health Treatment in Orange County

When it comes to finding a mental health and substance abuse treatment center in Orange County, California, look no further than Compassion Recovery Centers. We are here to help every person who contacts us in finding their personal path to recovery.


Contact us now if you are ready to get help at a mental health treatment center. Compassion Recovery is here for you!

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