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Compassion Recovery Centers offers evidence-based mental health treatment in Orange County at our boutique facility. Learn more about how we can help you change your life today.

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Mental Health Treatment in Southern California

1 in 4 adults in the U.S. suffers from a mental health problem, yet many go undiagnosed, and even more go without getting help from an Orange County mental health center. For those who suffer from mental health problems, these problems don’t often exist in isolation.

People who suffer from depression or anxiety usually struggle with both, the most common mental health diseases in America.

What’s more, as people struggle on their own with an undiagnosed mental health problem, they tend to self-medicate using drugs and alcohol, exacerbating the symptoms and the problems with which they struggle.

Of those, many go without seeking treatment of any kind for their conditions. Not using a mental health treatment center means people self-medicate more and more, which worsens all symptoms. But there is another way.

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Our Mental Health Treatment Services in Orange County

Explore the different mental health disorders we treat at  Compassion Recovery Centers in Orange County, California. From depression to anxiety, to Bipolar disorder and eating disorders, we provide each client with individualized treatment that works for each client’s specific needs in treatment. 

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Anxiety Disorders

Dual Diagnosis at mental health and substance abuse treatment center in orange county

Bipolar Disorder

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Our Program Defined

We strive to offer the best treatment experience and believe that through our proven program, that we can help you not only overcome mental illness, but achieve a fulfilling life full of gratitude and compassion beyond what seems possible at the beginning of your path to recovery.
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Begin Healing at Our Orange County Mental Health Treatment Center

Let our Orange County mental health center be your guide when you are ready to get help with mental health-related issues. We work with you to help you better understand addiction and mental health problems so that you can find the source of your struggle, identify triggers or things to avoid in your day-to-day life, and manage your symptoms more effectively. 

Whatever issues you might have, we can help

Let our supportive, compassionate team guide you through the first steps of admitting to your problem and gaining control of it. 

Contact us now if you are ready to get help at a mental health treatment center. Compassion Recovery is here for you!

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