About Compassion Recovery Centers

Compassion Recovery Centers was established in 2019. Located in beautiful Laguna Hills, CA, Compassion began as an idea, born out of an intense desire for bringing compassion and change to our recovering communities across the USA.

Frustrated by the lack of quality treatment centers, we sought to provide a refuge that was ethical, affordable & provided something unique and great for our clients struggling with substance abuse addiction in California. A serene healing center that combined real compassion with spiritual, mental, and emotional healing modalities. A place where we could build a real community – with trust, growth, and recovery as its pillars.

We at Compassion Recovery Centers are dedicated to helping men and women recover from a hopeless state of mind and body caused by Substance Abuse Disorder.

We care, deeply about getting our communities sober.

We know that community support represents the cornerstone of healing. That’s why Compassion Recovery Center emphasizes therapeutic and group connections, along with individual and personalized drug and alcohol therapy in Laguna Beach. We help our clients master the tools for recovery – learning how to live a more fulfilling life, achieving their dreams, and becoming the person they were always truly meant to be.

We strive to be the most ethical, upscale & upbeat drug treatment center in California, guaranteed.

Compassion Recovery Center offers services for substance use and co-occurring disorders. We emphasize maintaining recovery in a flexible environment – allowing clients to freely work, attend school, and manage current responsibilities while adhering to a complete drug and alcohol rehab program schedule.

Our goal is to move people from a place of hopelessness to a pathway of hope. We’re ready to help you today!

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compassion recovery photo of a woman under adventure therapy riding a blue kayak

Recreational & Adventure Therapy

compassion recovery photo of a man with a psychologist during his private substance abuse treatment in the facility

Private Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

compassion recovery photo of a group during a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

compassion recovery photo of a young man during individual behavioral therapy

Individual Behavioral Therapy

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Medication Management & MAT


Non-Judgemental Group Therapy