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Maila Wilson, LMFT

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Primary Therapist

I am Maila E. Wilson, a LMFT practicing psychotherapy, with experience treating a wide variety of individuals, couples, families and children in all communities. I have been a successful business owner and entrepreneur since the early 90’s. I have a passion and dedication that drives me to help make a difference in the behavioral health and mental health community. Working as part of the team at Compassion Recovery Centers I am involved in furthering the health and mental health of the community through facilitating the necessary dialogues to improve healthcare with empathy and a healing heart for all.


I am always open, available, and non-judgmental. I have healthy boundaries with all my clients. I am very empathic. My goal is to always put the client first and create a safe space where trust is gained and always nurtured. I work with clients to create a treatment plan that the is comfortable and motivating for success towards healing.

Maila Wilson Primary Therapist
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