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Anxiety Treatment in Orange County

Compassion Recovery Centers offers evidence-based anxiety disorder treatment in Orange County at our boutique facility. Learn more about how we can help you change your life today.

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Treating Anxiety in Orange County, California

Have you struggled with feelings of anxiety? Maybe things that don’t faze your friends and family send you into a panic. If so, you might consider using Orange County anxiety treatment services to find qualified, customized treatment.


For those struggling with anxiety, there is help at Compassion Recovery’s Orange County anxiety treatment center.

What is Anxiety?

Everyone struggles with anxiety now and again; worry over an upcoming work task or fear about a new move. But real anxiety disorders go beyond these acute situations. With severe anxiety, your deadlines pile up around you, and worry is so pervasive that you cannot enjoy downtime or relaxation. You might even be the person who has to schedule relaxation into their day. Social media exposure worsens feelings of anxiety as people constantly compare themselves to others and then feel pressure to be better, look better, or do better.


Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health problems for Americans. 


  • Almost 20% of American adults have suffered from an anxiety disorder within the last year. 
  • Of those, roughly 23% had such serious anxiety attacks that it impaired their ability to complete daily tasks. 


The unfortunate reality is that most people who suffer from an anxiety disorder don’t realize the extent of the problem. 


In fact, most people who have severe anxiety are simply told to get over it, that panic attacks aren’t real, or any number of unhelpful things. This forces people to believe that their problems aren’t as severe as they are, so they don’t get the help that they need, and they continue to struggle day in and day out. When life is too much, those same people turn to things like drugs and alcohol as self-medication.


Recent Harvard research has found that at least 20% of people with anxiety disorders also have some form of substance use disorder like drug use or alcohol addiction.


But anxiety disorders are chronic diseases that need to be treated with legitimate therapy, using an evidence-based practice that can identify the ways in which anxiety interferes with daily life and provide coping skills that can help you overcome these interferences. 

Our Mental Health Treatment Services in Orange County

Explore the different mental health disorders we treat at  Compassion Recovery Centers in Orange County, California. From depression to anxiety, to Bipolar disorder and eating disorders, we provide each client with individualized treatment that works for each client’s specific needs in treatment. 

A free, thorough assessment is provided for each prospective client. Request a callback today.

Our Program Defined.

We strive to offer the best treatment experience and believe that through our proven program, that we can help you not only overcome mental illness, but achieve a fulfilling life full of gratitude and compassion beyond what seems possible at the beginning of your path to recovery.

What to Expect From an Orange County Mental Health Center

If your anxiety inhibits your daily life, it might be time to consider working with an Orange County anxiety treatment center based. Anxiety disorders come in different forms, but for each type of disorder, people suffer from intense, excessive, and persistent fears or worries about everyday tasks. These worries and fears ca

The severity of anxiety disorders is different for each person. n lead to panic attacks.

Acute Anxiety

Everything starts with the evaluation. During the evaluation, our team will work with you to determine which course of treatment is the best option and make recommendations for the level of care that will prove most successful for your situation.


For example: If unsteady family dynamics or bad communication led to an unsupportive environment for mental health conditions, or our medical team suspects that genetic factors might be a play for existing mental health problems, finding the proper mixture of family therapy, individual therapy, and medication can help you manage ongoing mental health illnesses while also overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.


Acute anxiety is not a mental health disorder, and it doesn’t usually require medical attention or Orange County anxiety treatment services.

Chronic Anxiety

Chronic anxiety, by comparison, it’s something that takes place regularly and is indicative of an anxiety disorder. When you have symptoms of acute anxiety, but they don’t happen only around important events, and instead happen day in and day out, leading to sudden panic attacks regularly, time to consider getting Orange County anxiety treatment.


With chronic anxiety, you might also suffer from co-existing mental health issues like depression or OCD. Whatever form of anxiety you have, there are programs for anxiety counseling Orange County-based that can give you one-on-one help. A stress and anxiety therapist can help you tackle the anxiety, depression, OCD, or any other co-existing concerns you might have.

What to Expect at Our Orange County Anxiety Treatment Center



With Compassion Recovery’s Orange County Anxiety Treatment, you get to work with a highly qualified, compassionate team that wants to give you all the tools you need to succeed. Working with our staff will help you develop long-term skills you can apply to stressful situations long after your therapy is complete. If you are ready to get help with your anxiety, contact us for a free consultation. Whether you come to our program or not, we will help you find the best treatment options that work for you.



When you work with a stress and anxiety therapist in Orange County, you undergo evidence-based practice. This therapy can take many forms, including cognitive behavioral therapy, one-on-one therapy, group therapy, or family therapy based on what your anxiety therapist decides is best.

Holistic Therapies​


Orange County anxiety treatment needs to include long-term coping skills mixed with therapy, possibly medication, and holistic treatments for many people. Holistic treatments like relaxation techniques, emotional regulation, meditation, yoga, exercise, and nutritional classes can give you natural ways to manage any feelings of anxiety when they arise.

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Find Relief at Our Orange County Anxiety Therapy Program

With Compassion Recovery’s Orange County Anxiety Treatment, you get to work with a highly qualified, compassionate team that wants to give you all the tools you need to succeed. Working with our staff will help you develop long-term skills you can apply to stressful situations long after your therapy is complete. 


If you are ready to get help with your anxiety, contact us for a customized treatment program. 

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