What to Do If I’m Scared to Go to Rehab?

Rehab for mental health or substance use addiction treatment is normally a 28-90+ day stay in a clinical facility. Going to one means putting your life on hold for that time and focusing entirely on recovery. That can mean stepping away from your job, your school, and even your family. For many of us, that […]

Learning How to Maintain Employment with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental health disorder affecting an estimated 2.8% of the U.S. population. This disorder results in strong emotional ups and downs, highs and lows of energy, and self-righteousness that can make it extremely difficult to follow instructions or take orders. That can mean difficulty keeping or maintaining jobs, getting into fights […]

What to Do When You Love Someone with Depression

If your loved one is facing depression, it can be a difficult and uphill battle for everyone involved. Often, you’ll have to carefully manage energy and priorities, build a schedule and responsibilities that work for everyone involved, and work to ensure that everyone has the boundaries, communication, and support they need to make it through. […]

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