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About one in every 6 people in Orange County are said to need emotional and mental support when it comes to substance or mental health disorders. etc. The need for mental health treatment in Alhambra, CA, is vital because untreated issues can lead to other chronic conditions like hypertension, cancer, etc., according to the official data from Orange County

Reach out to an outpatient co-occurring treatment center at (877) 414-3007. For intensive care, partial care can also be opted for. 

Programs at Compassion Recovery: A Leading Mental Health Facility in Alhambra, CA

A credible rehab offers a variety of programs to accommodate everyone struggling with mental health issues like mood disorders or addiction. While selecting a facility for mental health, look for the following qualities to ensure a smooth recovery:

  • Check for the licensure of staff
  • Look for testimonials and reviews
  • Ensure that it is in the vicinity of your home
  • Double-check with their insurance policy

Once you have decided on the facility you are going for, there are going to be a lot of programs. Below is the list of programs to help you decide which one to choose from. 

3) Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization is a structured program that is more intensive than outpatient treatments and less intensive than inpatient treatment. It can be ideal for those who:

  • Have moderate to severe mental health issues
  • Do not want to stay overnight
  • Want to return home after taking treatment
  • Need intensive professional care
  • Cannot afford to leave their jobs or family commitments behind

A partial hospitalization program at a mental health treatment in Alhambra, CA, can help you better learn how to deal with the issues arising from mental health. 

2) Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is a treatment format in which mental health patients are required to stay at the facility for a few hours per day (usually 10 hours per week). IOP is ideal for the following people:

  • Individuals requiring little monitoring
  • Those having manageable conditions
  • Pursuing therapy as aftercare

IOP offers the opportunity for patients to learn how to cope with triggers when trying to live a normal life. 

3) Virtual Treatment

Virtual mental health treatment in Alhambra, CA, improves accessibility and convenience. With the right use of technology, you can take treatment with the help of mental health specialists. These treatments include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Medication Prescription
  • Prescription refills
  • Therapy and counseling

Telehealth treatment (virtual treatment) is also convenient for those who want to save money on gas or live in remote areas of the county. You can take addiction or mental health treatment in the comfort of your own home.

4) Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis means struggling with two mental health conditions at once. Usually, it refers to the coexistence of a mental health condition and addiction. Treating the two simultaneously is very important because both conditions exacerbate the other. The best way to treat it is with the help of a tailored program highly specific to each patient. Personalized dual diagnosis treatment includes:

  • Dosage adjustment
  • Exploring therapeutic strategies
  • Detox, along with counseling
  • Monitoring and follow-ups

Untreated dual diagnosis can result in relapse after you have completed rehab. Since there is no way of knowing which condition causes the other, the best course of action is undergoing a comprehensive treatment. 

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We accept insurance from Medicaid, Anthem, Cigna, United Health, and Blue Shield. In a simple step, you will need to verify your insurance, and then the treatment can be initiated. Compassion Recovery is a leading center of mental health treatment in Alhambra, CA. To book an appointment, call (877) 414-3007

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