Compassion Recovery Centers and Joint Commission

What Happens at Al-Anon Meetings?

If you’re considering attending an Al-Anon meeting, you’re probably a bit nervous. It can be nerve-wracking at best to walk into a situation where you are essentially admitting that your loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol. And, in a world where social stigma and shame about substance use disorders about, that can […]

Marijuana and Schizophrenia – Is There a Link?

Today, marijuana is more accepted for everyday and recreational use than at any other point in history. In fact, with 18 U.S. states offering legalized recreational usage, it’s become common to use cannabis in a similar fashion to alcohol in many places. While that legalization offers avenues to safely explore a low-risk drug without breaking […]

Recognizing Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression

In 2020, 8.4% of the adult population, or 21 million people aged 12 or older, experienced a major depressive episode with severe impairment to their life. In addition, 21% of the population struggles with a mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or paranoia. Yet, for many of us, those disorders go unrecognized and undiagnosed, often […]

When and How to Plan an Intervention

An estimated 40.4 million Americans struggle with drug or alcohol use disorder. One in 10 of us will struggle with a substance use disorder at some point in our lives. Chances are, you know one or more people fighting a silent or not-so-silent battle with drug or alcohol addiction. In fact, almost half of all […]

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